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The Chaos Before Christmas

This book inspired Smith and Caughy's Christmas Puppet Window display in 2022. Watch this clip from Seven Sharp  about the Puppet makers.

"This is a luscious, detail-heavy book with textures and patterns a-go-go. I especially love the gold foiling on the front cover, it really brings out the festive vibe. There is a lot to see and every re-read yields something new. Get ready to spend a lot of time on each page with your tamariki (or your 30-something flatmate) and expect to double back at least a dozen times. My favourite pages are the ones that show the chaos that erupts after Elroy miscasts the spell. Dragons, elves, toys and tinsel are strewn everywhere and Lily Emo’s wonderful illustration style really shines here. Even though we’ve had myriad retellings of The Night Before Christmas, Sarina Dickson’s rhymes are clever and never feel dull. They convey the message that it’s okay to be nervous and it’s okay to mess up because, through mistakes, you can sometimes find the things you’re truly best at."  
Becks Popham, The Sapling 

Order from Moa Press NZ





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